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That’s Spanish for together.

Though right now, it’s a critical word in any language. 

Because if we humans are going to enjoy living on this planet together 50 years from now, we have to do things to help it...together. 

They don’t need to be big things.

There’s world-changing power in small shifts made by us all. Like driving one less day a week, eating one more plant-based meal, or choosing a more Earth-friendly pair of shoes.

A strong belief in that collective energy is how Juntos came to be.

Inspired by the popular Ecuadorian street shoe (el zapato de lona) and the people who wear them, we saw an opportunity to rethink something used by everyone, everywhere.

We reimagined the everyday shoe using sustainable materials like alpaca wool and banana trees, found in abundance in the Ecuadorian landscape. We also designed a more fair and responsible production process to get them out into the world. We even set up a business model where every purchase sends a backpack full of school supplies to an Ecuadorian student in need. 

The result is sustainable, stylish footwear that’s better for both people and planet. 

To swap what you wear on your feet is just a little thing.

But if we all do it together? That’s huge.


One small step for the greater good

Education Support

With every purchase made, an education backpack filled with crucial school supplies is donated to an at-risk student.

Good for People and Planet

We're cutting carbon with post-consumer recycled packaging and soy based inks.

Minority and Woman Owned

Woman and minority operated including a diverse black and hispanic executive team.