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Nature is Our North Star

Every step counts

Roughly 57% of footwear and 64% of apparel is made from synthetic materials. The problem with synthetic materials? They’re made from plastics. Plastics come from oil. And oil is a fossil fuel that’s accelerating climate change. What’s even weirder about the link between fashion and fossil fuels is that these materials weren’t widely used in our industry until the 1980s. But we’ve quickly become dependent on them. The reliance on fossil fuels is accelerating climate change, creating negative impacts on waste, biodiversity, and more. Which is why we are committed to the use of renewable, natural materials sourced by our partners at and developed and spun by the technical experts at

Certified for a better world

We work with leading organizations to ensure our materials and production processes are held to high standards of farming, environental management and worker welfare.

Alpaca Upper, sock liner & insole
Soft on people and planet

Juntos upper, sock liner and insole are crafted from single origin Huacaya Alpaca fleece, sourced from the Mazar Wildlife Reserve in the ecuadorian highlands. Hypoallergenic and 20% finer than human hair, we spin our alpaca wool into ultra soft, light, moisture-wicking and temperature regulating hugs for your feet.

Of all ranch animals, alpacas are the easiest on the environment. Lacking hooves, each step of their gentle feet causes no harm to the arid land they call home. They even graze tenderly, munching on the tops of grasses, so the roots hold soil in place while the grass grows anew.

Coconut Insole
Natural cushion for uncommon comfort

Our insoles are plant powered. Crafted from coconut fiber our insole padding molds seamlessly to the shape of your feet while providing maximum breathability and insulation. Made from 100% non-toxic material

Our insoles leverage existing waste residue from coconut harvesting to make each step a pleasure. And when the journey is over they biodegrade back into the earth where it all started.

Banana tree lining
A Tree of Comfort

Our silky soft knit shoe lining is created from Banana Tree fibers harvested in the lowlands of central ecuador. It’s Antimicrobial, strong and absorbent properties make each step a pleasure.

The parts of the banana we use are a doubly-renewable resource. A banana plant shoots pseudo-stems out of its base. Each pseudo-stem grows a number of bananas, and then must be cut down to encourage new pseudo-stems. These fibers are normally burned, putting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Banana fibers are not just renewable and biodegradable, but when we put them into our shoes, they directly fight climate change.

Sugarcane Midsole
Sweet for your feet

Naturally contouring, durable and springy, our sugarcane midsole features the worlds’ greenest EVA material.

Our Bio-based EVA sole is among the few in the world derived from renewable materials. The use of sugarcane promotes CO2 absorption contributing directly to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

Recycled TPU toe cap, pipping and laces
Believe in Reincarnation

Our flexible toecap and laces lived their former lives as lowley single use plastic, but now help to protect the planet with each step you take.

Stewards of the Land

100% of our Alpaca wool comes from a single sustainable ranch high in the ecuadorian Andes. Operated by Stuart and Patricia White, and with support from Juntos, the farm continues to expand their footprint of protected mountain land. It’s a win win.