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Introducing the world’s only alpaca, banana, & cotton blend footwear 🦙 🍌 Save 10% code ---> "EARLY" 🦙 🍌

Weaving Sustainability into the Fabric of Footwear

Did you know that more than fifty percent of shoes and almost two-thirds of clothes are made from synthetic materials? Just let those statistics soak in for a moment!

These are the same materials that come from plastics, which are made from oil. And we all know what oil is, right?

It's that fossil fuel that's speeding up climate change like there's no tomorrow. It might surprise you to learn that these materials only became popular in the fashion world in the 1980s. But once they got their foot in the door, there was no stopping them.

The more we rely on fossil fuels, the worse things get for our climate, not to mention the mess it creates for waste management and biodiversity. That's why we've decided to do things differently. We're committed to using renewable, regenerative and natural materials.

And beyond the use of sustainable materials, the production process of Juntos Shoes is a story in itself. The shoes are handmade, weaving together traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. From shearing the Alpaca fleece to crafting the final product, each step of the process is mindful of the environment.

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